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EJVED (East Java English Debate) is one of the popular competitions in East Java. This event held by UKMF Legato (HMP Bhs Inggris) State University of Malang. This year is the second time UTM joins this event and there are 36 teams from many universities. There are 4 preliminary rounds with 2 prepared motions. Most of the motion talks about international relations. Such as the U.S Politics, Sudan conflict, Japan vs South Korea, African-American, and etc. Besides that, the motion also talks about education, religion, and etc.



This year we compete with UMM, ITS, and UB. Well, these universities send more than 2 teams to join ejved. For example like UMM A , UMM B, UMM C or ITS A ITS B and etc. Only UTM sends 1 delegate and also we don’t have any coach. We learn and practice by ourselves.

In a preliminary round, we only got 2 vp and break 11th in octofinalis (top 16). In octofinalis we met UMM B and we win for this round. Then in the quaterfinal we met ITS C and we won this round too. But in the semifinal, we lose from UB A. So, to get 3rd place we met ITS A. Alhamdulillah all the hard work was paid off. This year UTM (for the very first time) Got 3rd place and Me (Kriswandi) and andra as my partner Got top 10 best speakers. I am in 8th rank and andra in 10th position. Well, melinda also did a great job. With a minimum of budget, we survive and try to give the best for UTM. EJVED is a rollercoaster, Up and Down, and full of emotion. The debate is not about fluently in English, but it’s all about hard work and how you analysis the problem.