Arsip untuk Mei, 2020


On Saturday, May 9th, 2020, HAMLET organized Online Discussion Performance (ODP) in LIVE IG. The theme is “Improving English Skill during Self Quarantine”. The speaker is Eka Nur Musfi’atin and the moderator is Masnuah. Both speaker and the moderator are students of English Study Program. The speaker put emphasis on tips and tricks to improving speaking skill by increasing grammar, vocabulary and pronounciation. First, to improve grammar, English learners are strongly suggested to watch western movies and intensively read news in platform or television with English language. This is because sometimes people become fast learners by listening or watching something or using their audiotory. Second, to improve English vocabularies, learners can practice by sticking paper that contains word on objects that are easily seen. For example: “door”, “radio”, “newspaper”, “motorcycle”, or they can input sentences like “please open the door”. Improving vocabulary can be also achieved by writing diary using English without dictionary, then after finishing it, they can check it in dictionary whether the used vocabularies are right or not. Third, to improve pronunciation, learners must not underestimate the basic competence in pronouncing letters A-Z properly because it can influence the clarity of their pronunciation while speaking. Learners can practice saying A-Z in one breath so they must say it as fast as possible. They can also improve their pronounciation by learning and practicing phonetic symbol in dictionary.


No shy, no worry, no afraid of, be confident and speak up your mind are five pillars that are crucial to improve the speaking fluency. The most important thing is that English learners must be crazy in speaking. The term ‘crazy’ here does not refer to mental illness but learners should speak up their mind, do not be shy and do not be afraid of if they make mistakes because people can be successful in learning English by making mistakes.

One of the purposes of this Online Discussion Performance is to engage the students of English Study Program while learning from home in more useful activities. Moreover, by joining this ODP, the participants can also immediately discuss their learning problems related to English Skill, speaking in particular. Most of the participants in this ODP are students of English Study Program, Department of Social and Cultural Sciences, Faculty of Social and Cultural Sciences, Universitas Trunojoyo Madura. But there are participants from other faculties, including public.


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