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What an Achievement!


The best graduate at FISIB is Julia Mufarrohah, S.S., the student of English Study Program. It was announced at graduation ceremony, 16 Sept, 2020, held virtually.

She said that many people around me do not know about myself, that I’m a girl who has a lot of targets. Something that I get today is never separated from a list of my big dreams. Becoming one of the best students is a target that I have ever written in my book dream four years ago. I ever visualized one of my big dreams to be the best student in my college. I visualized it on my mind that I would get special invitation and give speech to motivate other students. And today it happens to me, it’s really great I think. I never thought that this dream will come true.  As like I cannot believe that the universe shows the result and says to me that “it’s something that you want”.  WOW that’s really fantastic, my efforts and prayer paid off. In this time, I only say to myself, thank you so much for doing a struggle, thank you so much for standing in your way and thank you so much, you have proven to yourself.

When I’m thinking about this moment, I think that I’m the right person to get this chance. Yeah I know, for getting this opportunity is really difficult, but I believe that I’m able to make it through. I still remember my process during 4 years here, where I did my best efforts for always getting a good score when I got exam, be an active student in various activities, about how I can balance my activities in college and in my organizations, how I try to join national and international events. All of things I try is to increase my ability, my quality and the best identity based on my best version.

Thanks a lot for all my best lecturers in English Department who always build up and guide us. Hopefully your blessings keep flowing on me and my friends in arms. And for all of my juniors in English Department, keep fighting. My expectation, you will be the next diamond for English Department that can make us proud of you. Keep up your spirits, your struggle will be over at this college. Thus, use your time wisely hone the quality of yourself for a better person who can give contributions for our next generation later. I believe that you can do it more than me, you can proof that you are able to be the best generation after me.

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