MBKM (Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka) requires helpful guidances. Since it is currently implemented, both lecturers and students should be well informed. Its practices may generate principle questions, but this could minimize potential confusion. Therefore, it is crucial to provide SOP (Standard Operating Procedures).

The following are each MBKM SOP, including the subject distribution in each semester, for both MBKM and KKNI curriculum. It is, however, important to note that this is subject to change considering the internal evaluation and or stakeholders’ comments.

1_Sasing_SOP MBKM_Asistensi Mengajar

2_Sasing_SOP MBKM_Pertukaran Pelajar didalam UTM

3_Sasing_SOP MBKM_Pertukaran Pelajar diluar UTM

4_Sasing_SOP MBKM_Magang Industri

5_Sasing_SOP MBKM_Magang Penelitian

6_Sasing_SOP MBKM_Proyek Independen

7_Sasing_SOP MBKM_Kewirausahaan

8_Sasing_SOP MBKM_KKN Tematik

9_Sasing_SOP MBKM_Proyek Kemanusiaan

10_Sasing_SOP MBKM_Eksternal

11_Sasing_SOP MBKM_Sistem Pencatatan KRS KHS