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Member of the Month: Mahbub Arham Arrozy

Our top contributor for November is Mahbub Arham Arrozy. He is originally from Bangkalan, Madura. Currently, he is a student of the English Department, University of Trunojoyo Madura. His principle of life is “Doing what I love, and Loving what I do”. Here is his opinion about the Oxford Indonesian Living Dictionary.

1. What attracted you to be part of the Indonesian living dictionary?

Being part of the Oxford Indonesian Living Dictionary makes me more excited to introduce the Indonesian language to foreigners who are increasingly interested in the Indonesian language.

2. How do you think Indonesian speakers can benefit from it?

The most important thing that can be obtained by the Indonesian speakers is the ease of translating words with accurate results. At the moment, many online dictionaries only provide low quality translations.

3. Do you have a favourite Indonesian word or saying? Why?

My favorite word is ‘kepo’ (knowing every particular object), because that word is a colloquial term in Indonesian, which is commonly used by teenagers and adults. That’s why I consider this word unique.

4. Are there any other features you would like to see on the site?

The image feature for me is very important to be added to the dictionary, as images will make it easier for the users to understand the translated words, and it will also increase the interest of the users towards the dictionary.



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