Imron Wakhid Harits, P.hD.

Data Penelitian dan Karya Ilmiah

1. menulis jurnal ilmiah Internasional di jurnal ASSJ dengan judul Indonesia education today dating back its history of islam and imparting eurapean education system, ASSJ_turnitin_imronHarits , peer reviewer 1_ASSJ , peer reviewer 2_ASSJ

2. Menulis di jurnal Creative Writing dengan judul Vicarious Experience by Modeling and Comparing of Children Stories from Czech and Madura Island: Behavior and Moral Perspectives, CE journal_turnitin_imronHarits ,  peer review 1_CE , peer reviewer 2_CE .

3. Menulis di Jurnal e-Pedagogium 2015, dengan judul Constructivism on literary teaching Assimilating prior-knowledge,social environment, and experiences in D.zawawi imrons poems and black american’s poems, e-pedagogium 2015_turnitin_imronHarits, peer review 1_E-Pedagogium 2015Peer reviewer 2_E pedagogium 2015

4. Menulis di Jurnal e-Pedagogium dengan judul Quo vadis teaching literary criticism, e-pedagogium 2016_turnitin_imronHarits,peer reviewer 1_e pedagogium 2016peer reviewer 2_e pedagogium 2016

5. Menulis di jurnal e-pedagogium dengan judul comparative children literature aesthetic and didactic context, e-pedagogium 2017_turnitin_ImronHaritspeer reviewer 2_ePedagogium 2017peer reviewer1_e pedogogium 2017

6. Menulis di jurnal ASSRJ dengan judul Engaging the Narrative on Children Literature through the Teaching Extensive Reading, assrj_turnitin_imronharitspeer reviewer 1_assrjpeer reviewer 2_assrj

7. Menulis di Jurnal Leksika dengan judul Religious and Moral values in Madura Folktales, leksika 2014 _turnitin_ImronHaritspeer reviewer 1_leksika 2014peer reviewer 2_leksika 2014

8. Menulis di Journal of Language and Literature dengan judul Myths In Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven, language circle_turnitin_ImronHaritspeer reviewer 1_language Circlepeer reviewer 2_language circle

9. Menulis di jurnal IJAEDU dengan judul Outcome PISA and PIAAC Research and Today’s Czech School in Today’s Practices, IJAEDU_turnitin_ImronHaritspeer reviewer 1_IJAEDUpeer reviewer2_IJAEDU

10. Menulis di Jurnal Leksika dengan judul Sociology of Writer as the Basic Elements to comprehend D. Zawawi Imron’s Poems, leksika 2015_turnitin_ImronHaritspeer reviewer 1_leksika 2015peer reviewer 2_leksika 2015

11. Menulis di Jurnal Global Journal for Research Analysis (GJRA) dengan judul empowering social capital through indonesia mengajar , GJRA_turnitin_ImronHaritspeer reviewer 1_GJRApeer reviewer 2_GJRA

12. Menulis di Jurnal Prosodi dengan judul the sexual motives and purposes in evie blake’s valentina, prosodi 2019-turnitin_ImronHaritspeer reviewer 1_prosodipeer reviewer 2_prosodi

13. Menulis di jurnal Parafrase dengan judul Madura Folktales: Toward the Universalities, jurnal parafrase_turnitin_ImronHaritspeer reviewer 1_parafrasepeer reviewer 2_parafrase

14. Menulis di Prosiding LSC 2018 dengan judul Gruesome Stories versus Moral Values in Children Literature: The Little Mermaid and Timun Mas, LSC 2018_turnitin_ImronHaritspeer reviewer 1_lsc2018peer reviewer 2_LSC2018

15. Menulis di prosiding ICLEL dengan judul Constructivism and Guerilla Literacy Method in Teaching Comparative Children Literature, iclel_turnitin_ImronHaritspeer reviewer 1_iclelpeer reviewer 2_iclel

16. Menulis di ELTL Conference proceeding 2012 dengan judul Appreciating American Contemporary’s Poems Through Binary Opposition, eltlt 2012_turnitin_imronHaritspeer reviewer 1_eltlt2012peer reviewer 2_eltlt 2012

17. Menulis di Prosiding The 4 th Literary Studies Conference 2016 dengan judul rewriting folktales: children literature context, adaptation, and pedagogical aspects: european and madura tales, Lsc 2016_turnitin_ImronHaritspeer reviewer 1_lsc2016peer reviewer 2_lsc 2016

18. Menulis di Prosiding evropské pedagogické fórum 2016, dengan judul Teaching children literature: literature, historical, educational context in the folktales/fairy tales across nation, epf conference 2016_turnitin_imronHaritspeer reviewer 1_epfpeer reviewer 2_epf

19. Menulis di prosiding ELTLT 2016 dengan judul The  legend of vodnik (water goblin): slavic tradition  and cultural, eltlt 2016_turnitin_imronHaritspeer reviewer 1_eltlt2016peer reviewer 2_eltlt2016

20. Menulis di Prosiding LSC 2013, dengan judul Identity, race, and moral values as its multicultural perspective in black American children poems, LSC 1_turnitin_ImronHaritspeer reviewer 1_lsc2013peer reviewer 2_LSC2013

21. Menulis di prosiding  ELTLT 2019 dengan judul Digital children literature: using moocs for exploring social and cultural understanding in the cross – nation children stories of madura and czech ELTLT_2019_Proceedings-119-124 (1)eltlt 2019_turnitin_imronHaritspeer reviewer 1_eltlt2019peer reviewer 2_eltlt2019

22. Menulis di prosiding Senabastra dengan judul The Traces of the Glorious Bohemia and the Searching of Identity in Karel Jaromir Erben Tales, Prosiding senabastra 2015_imronpeer reviewer 1_senabastrapeer reviewer 2_senabastra

23. Menulis di Prosiding Current Trends in Higher Education in Europe dengan judul challenging, collaborating, and developing of teacher’s role changing to accomplish the professionalism across culture in the higher education curriculum and system, Current Trend in Higher Education in Europepeer reviewer 1_current trendspeer reviewer 2_current trends

24. Menulis di Prosiding TUICOSH dengan judul Jane Infidelity in Follet’s Lie Down with The Lions, tuicosh_Imron Haritspeer reviewer 1_tuicoshpeer reviewer 2_tuicosh

25. Menulis buku referensi TEFL (teaching english as Foreign language), buku TEFLpeer reviewer 1_buku teflpeer reviewer 2_buku tefl

26. Menulis buku Inspiring Teacher, buku Inspiring teacher_Imron Haritspeer reviewer 1_buku inspiringpeer reviewer 2_buku inspiring