One of the professions which is very interesting and much in favor of the young people today is becoming an entrepreneur. How come?. Being an entrepreneur will make us have roles in giving job opportunities to someone else.  Having no talent to be an entrepreneur is not a reason for not running a business actually, because the main capital to run this profession just needs a determination and courage.

As students from English Study Program, 2016 who held a bazaar to carry out entrepreneurship practices or running business?

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The practice of doing business is the final task of the course from Mr. Jhony as a lecturer in entrepreneurship class.  The purpose of this bazaar is to train the young souls of the students to start their careers in the young age and also to encourage them to participate in developing Indonesian economy. The bazaar was held for five days beginning from the 18th until 22nd of November which was located in the yard of RKBE building, Faculty of Social and Cultural Sciences. It  is also supported by Mr. Mohammad Halili as a  chairman of  English Study Program Which exactly on Wednesday the entrepreneurship bazaar  that  held  in 20th of November by the students of English study program officially  was opened.

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Not only that, entrepreneurship bazaar event enlivened by the performance of Kecoa and Blewah band. Beside the performance of musical poetry from ABSTRA group also help to enliven the event.

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22th of November 2019 exactly in Friday is the last day of bazar. In this day Mr. Jony as the lecturer of entrepreneurship class evaluated the activity of students during bazaar took place. The evaluation of bazaar event include giving some advices and giving solution of problems which was experienced by each groups during promoted their products.

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The bazaar groups included F.0shion Style, Matshopers, Soutm, Elliot’s, Salute, happy world Photobooth, Thrifzeey, U.idkaosmbois and Tang sandals. Each bazaar provides a variety of products and services.

    • F.0shion Style sells some products such as cute bottle and tote bag. F.0shion has its own character that is using phonetic symbol printing which can be ordered.

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    • Matshopers sells any various hats as like Rimba, Bucket and Baseball hat. Also, Matshoper accept an order custom as like logo, unique picture and others.

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    • Soutm sells any various typical souvenir UTM such as key chains made from acrylic. Soutm also accept an order custom.  

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    • Elliot’s is an online store which provide anything about fashion as like screen printing T-shirt with the price that’s too affordable. It also accepts custom order. Beside, Elliot also sells any cute socks with any various motives.

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    • Salute  is an acronym from sabun imut dan lucu. It produces paper soap. Paper soap is sold in form sheet of paper which is very thin and light. This paper soap is very suitable if taken away like go to abroad, camping and retreats

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    • Thrifzeey sells preloved product, secondhand product with still good quality and very cheap prices. Some products by Thrifzeey are clothes, trousers, dresses. Beside, Thrifzeey can also be used as place for saving product.

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    • ikaosmbois sells any clothing line. T-shit which is sold by U.ikaosmbois could make the customers are so cool if they wear it.

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    • Happy World Photobooth provides photo services. They provide three unique backgrounds. Just need to pay Rp.2000 the people could take some photo freely.

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  • Tang Sandal attends with new innovation. It sells any unique slippers. There are several models with writing than can be requested by customer.

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Hopefully this event could provide a good business experience towards students of English Study Program 2016. Moreover, it can motivate them to learn how to create business opportunities